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Into The Green Green Mud

A Novel (with pictures) by Miriam Suzanne

The Project

A story of love, and after-love. Eternity is a fickle thing, and the moments just keep coming. Clouds shift, the sun moves past, and squirrels are collecting nuts, so where does that leave us?

Into the Green Green Mud is an ode to change & impermanence, both in content and medium. Starting from a simple text "script" we are creating a number of inter-related "performances" in various media. This version includes text, images, code, and animation, with a soundtrack that you can download and listen to. Future versions might include a printed book, a live multimedia performance, sky writing, or anything else we decide to explore.

Hyde Setup

To run a server or generate the static content you will need Hyde.

It's not hard. Install that. Install this. Run one or two commands and you have a website. By which I mean a book. A digital web book that is still very much in development.

Generate the output files:

hyde gen -r

Run a local web server:

hyde serve [-a address] [-p port]

hyde serve doesn't catch and regenerate all changes to all files, especially html includes. If a file doesn't update, you can try re-saving the parent (non-include) file, or stopping the server to run hyde gen -r.