+at-breakpoint with ie-fallback fails at document base #26

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mirisuzanne commented Apr 10, 2012

It's really a sass issue, see comment on: nex3/sass#286

Just want to be sure we're tracking it from here.

My work around is

.something-just-after-the-body-tag {
  @include at-breakpoint(12 true) {

Any more elegant way to do it?


mirisuzanne commented Jun 2, 2012

Well, it's a close call between that and repeating yourself.

.specific-thing {
  @include at-breakpoint(12 true) { ... }

.other-thing {
  @include at-breakpoint(12 true) { ... }

Your solution gives you fewer media-queries with additional selectors. This keeps your selectors short, but is less DRY.


mirisuzanne commented Feb 8, 2014

This is resolved in susy-next and Sass 3.3

mirisuzanne closed this Feb 8, 2014

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