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Frontend Worksample

This repository contains everything you will need to create your worksample when applying as a frontend developer at Odd Hill.

The application

The application you will be creating is an invoicing app that contains a table of invoices. These invoices can be sorted.

When clicking an invoice it should open up a detailed view of that selected invoice.


We expect you to create the descibed application in your javascript framework of choice, you are also free to use any kind of css pre-processor or just use regular css.

The finished worksample should have a readme describing how to get the application up and running.

We expect you to host the code as a repository on Gitub under your own profile.


We expect the design of the application to follow the design located in the design folder of this repository. The folder contains the design as a Sketch-file as well as exported PNG:s.

Note: If you want to use the Sketch-file as a reference a Mac computer is required. There is a free Trial available on the Sketch website.


If you have time

The following items are not required but if you have the time feel free to implement them. Do note though that we will review these extras in the same way we review the base worksample.


Add a menu that opens up when you click the menu icon in the top right corner. Select a menu style that you prefer and feel comfortable with building. You can decide what the menu items should be.

The menu items should just be placeholder items, there is no need to link them to actual pages.


Filtering is done by clicking on the icon with three dots in the upper rigth corner of the invoices area. You decide what filters you want to add.


Polish the user interface by adding interaction, animations or anything else you feel would enrich the user experience. You decide yourself what part of the UI/UX you want to polish.

Have fun

This test is not about pointing fingers if something is 5px off. We want to see how you think and how you adapt a static design into code.