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Mission Statement

At WebHouse we set out on a mission in 2016.

A mission, not just to renew our existing Web UI and UX of our long product-line of ODEUM Web Apps, but a mission to do something amazing. Something new, something exiting, and through that mission give something back to a development community we have been a part of since 1995.

The thought for ODEUM Code originated in the need for a new UI and UX for ODEUM Web Apps. This thought evolved slowly into, not just wanting to produce something that we would own and be able to use, but something that others would be able to use and contribute to.

So the idea of open sourcing our work began to evolve. And the ideas just kept flowing in.

  • We Love to Code
  • We Love Open Source
  • We Love Aalborg, the city we live and thrive in
  • We Love ... React

So the mission is to make a kick-ass Web Application Frontend Framework based on React.

Made with Love for JavaScript and React, made with passion and help from our friends in Aalborg.

Made in Aalborg.

So if you are a passionate ReactJS or JavaScript developer and would like to contribute to the first React open source Web Apps UI/UX framework project in Aalborg please let us know @

More on how to contribute later ...


The ODEUM Code Team