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Jisho Kioku

A chromium extension for It remembers kanji looked up through the radical search, hightlights them and does a lot of other stuff.

See manual/features/instructions at Japanese with Anime

Addon pages

In action

Video demonstration in Chrome

Video Demonstration

(Old) Screenshot in Opera


It's the green stuff.

Install Instructions


  1. Go to Jisho Kioku Chrome extension page
  2. Click Add to Chrome
  3. ばんざい!


  1. Get Firefox
  2. Go to Jisho Kioku Firefox addon page
  3. Click Add to Firefox
  4. ばんざい!

Chromium Browsers

  1. Download the whole thing
  2. Unzip in some directory somewhere
  3. Open your preferred chromium based browser such as Chrome or Opera
  4. Go to the extensions page
  5. Check the "Developer mode" checkbox or similar
  6. Click the "Load unpacked extension..." button or similar
  7. Select <directory where you unzipped the thing>/jisho-kioku-master/jisho-kioku
  8. Done. It's installed!

Other Browsers

  1. Reconsider your browser choices.