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Open Energy Modelling Framework - A modular open source framework to model energy supply systems

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  1. A model generator for energy system modelling and optimisation (LP/MILP).

    Python 186 81

  2. Thermal Engineering Systems in Python (TESPy). This package provides a powerful simulation toolkit for thermal engineering plants such as power plants, district heating systems or heat pumps.

    Python 99 43

  3. This repository contains implementations of photovoltaic models to calculate electricity generation from a pv installation based on given solar radiation. Furthermore it contains all necessary pre-…

    Python 63 24

  4. Creating heat and power demand profiles from annual values.

    Python 29 24

  5. A collection of oemof examples and notebooks.

    Jupyter Notebook 28 54

  6. Thermal energy components for the Open Energy Modeling Framework (oemof).

    Python 15 8