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Alpha version with WPF GUI:

Event sourced virtual drive, writing encrypted WAL to SQLite, synchronizing to MockNetwork and local materialization to in-memory virtual filesystem.

  • Multiple local user accounts.
  • Multiple local drive configs per local user account.
  • One SAFENetwork account per drive.
  • Encrypted local data.
  • Adds local user if not exists.
  • Add / Remove drives.
  • Mount / Unmount.
  • Remove local user.
  • Tray icon.

menuitems notifyicon


Dokan driver (Dokan_x64.msi at
Dotnet core runtime 3.0 ( .NET Core Installer: x64)

To compile the source you need Visual Studio Preview (4+ will work fine).
Visual Studio RC works as well but apparently, to get Visual Studio to use .net core 3.0 as target, it needs a global.json file (can be created by running ‘dotnet new globaljson’ as per

How to use it:

Make sure you have Dokan installed as well as dotnetcore 3.0 runtime.
Compile the app from source.
Then run SAFE.NetworkDrive.UI.exe or SAFE.NetworkDriveUI.Console.

Known problems:

  • Renaming or moving the first folder on the drive will result in a BSOD (blue screen of death) from a page_fault_in_nonpaged_area.
    This is likely a problem in the dokan driver. I've made them aware of this, but I'm not expecting it to be fixed anytime soon.

Beware that there might be BSOD:s in other cases as well.

Also, it is good to know, that there are noticeable user experience related things, that are left unpolished in this version.