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Copyright Design I/O LLC 2011 - hello [-at–] - @design_io

------ USAGE

Feel free to use this tool for your projects or prototypes. If you are interested in using it in a commercial context please contact us. Please do not use it to copy any existing projects from other artists/designers/companies ( including ourselves ).

Have fun with it!


The format for the osc data is the following. osc address: "armTracker" arg 0: shoulder angle - float - degrees arg 1: elbow angle - float - degrees arg 2: wrist angle - float - degrees arg 3: thumb angle - float - degrees


By default the app binds to port 9555 of the broadcast address. So packets are sent to all computers on the network. If you don't have a router it should default to If you want to override the ip address and set a specific one edit the file "data/oscIP.xml" NOTE: the receive test app is hardcoded to port 9555.

------ MISC INFO

Made with openFrameworks 0071 - download openFrameworks 0071 from and clone this repo into your apps/ folder