a native gui for openframeworks
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a native gui for openframeworks -- it uses native gui code that's very simple / hackable found in IVT. it wraps it a bit, and will be tested across all platforms (cocoa is in and working now).

produces a secondary window, like this:


the other platforms are not hooked up, but my alterations of the IVT code are minimal (exposing a few enums) so it should be a piece of cake to hook up. Some other things I do are make the int sliders float compatible, etc.

To do:

  • need to add the propograting of events (for now, there's a system of attaching a variable to a gui element that works and the example shows this off)
  • need hiding / showing of gui elements
  • sliders need some numerial display of output
  • getters and setters for gui objects (set value, get value, etc)
  • hiding and showing of the main window is a bit funky. Some code that lets you focus the gui would be good (it pops up behind, can get closed, etc)
  • combo box add selected item option