Personalized watchface for Samsung Gear S2 and other Tizen smartwatches.
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A personalized watchface for Samsung Gear S2 (and potentially other Tizen-based smartwatches). Provides the following features:

Sport mode

In sport mode, this watchface will ...

  1. continuously measure your heart rate and speed (via the pedometer), even when the screen is off.
  2. graph your heart rate and speed in the background (1 hour window).
  3. change both the heart rate icon and the speed icon change color depending on your level of activity.
  4. vibrate to notify you when your heartrate reaches certain thresholds.

Photo of sport mode with timer running on an S2

Normal mode

In normal mode, the watchface will ...

  1. measure your heartrate and speed (via the pedometer) so long as the screen is on.
  2. query for the newest articles on Ars Technica each time the screen is turned on (tap on the current headline to view the next headline).
  3. graph the temperature and precipitation forecast for the next few days (Vancouver, BC).

Photo of normal mode running on an S2


One-touch press that allows you to quickly switch between a timer and the current time. Works in both normal mode nad sport mode