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Datenquelle ist Umwelt Sachsen
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Datenquelle ist Umwelt Sachsen

Data update

The data in this repository gets automatically updated four times a day at 04:37, 10:37, 16:37 and 22:37. This can be incremented if needed, for that please open an issue.

Data structure


These files are basically raw, only modifications are:

  • Decimal symbol is a point and not a comma
  • Missing data are empty fields instead of n. def.
  • Separator is set to ,


Joints all raw/YEAR/MONTH/STATION,SUBSTANCE.csv into joint/YEAR/MONTH/STATION.csv with one column for each substance.

  • Within a single month all .csv files have the same columns.
  • Data that is generated on a monthly basis has date 01-MM-YYYY for the month MM-YYY and time is empty.
  • Data that is generated on a daily basis has date 01-MM-YYYY for that day and time is empty.


These files are basically raw timeseries diagrams of raw files (currently just Dresden, with some modifications of the Python script in the same folder, you can easily create these for other cities)


The scripts that produce these files are in the repository offenesdresden/Luftqualitaet-src.

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