Reconstruction of intel 8080 tool chain inc. PLM80, ASM80, LINK80, LOC80, LIB80 and ISIS 4.1
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These files are my attempts at decompiling the ISIS plm80 compiler and these
associated utilities link and locate.

* WARNING: git stores crlf as lf in line with common usage. When cloning    *
*          files you need to make sure thar your local git is set to        *
*          re-expanded lf to crlf otherwise the build will fail             *
*          alternatively use an external utility to convert the text files  *

During the course of decompiling the code I have generated variable names
that at the time seemed sensible. I have not systematically reviewed these
to see if they are logically correct, so please be aware of this when you
read the source code.

I have recently made a number of significant changes to the source files to
make it easier to make changes as I clean up the code.
The biggest is the move to use a tool I developed, ngenpex, based on the intel
toolbox tool genpex. This uses a database of public definitions that is used to
automatically generate an include file with the required external / literal / based

Another change has been the introduction of a new plm preprocessor to support
plm v3.x files. This has allowed me to radically reduce the source file set
for asm80 with the makefile auto generating different files from a common
source using the pre-processor. 

Some additional tools and soruce have now been included along with the source
to some of the tools I have written. Key changes are,, ngenpex.exe, plmpp.exe, plm80lib and systemlib source.

The May 2017 update includes a major rework of the build scripts to use gnu
make and a significant update to thames to support auto mapping of file paths
to drives and interception of isis error codes.
In addition the isis tool directories have been restructured to ease speficication
of various tool versions.

10-May 2017 added several isis tools and isis versions including a very early
version of isis (v2.2) which has the isis.t0 file written in the fortran based
plm80. Due the the increase in isis versions, system.lib, binobj, hexobj and
objhex now reside in the relevant isis directory.

Although there are multiple versions of system.lib available the later ones
all appear to be backward compatible so unless there is a need to byte match
a tool, the latest version located in itools/utils_2.2 can be used; this is
the one that was with the pl/m 80 v4.0 build freely shared by intel.
Also note that so far I have only located one version of plm80.lib.

17-May 2017 added the ISIS toolbox to the repository, including decompilations
of all of the libraries.

22-May 2017 added v2.0 of the ISIS toolbox.

8-Jun-2017 reworked thames to emulate 8080, this allows support of basic. Added
various new binaries and a new version of (see new  details below)

10-Oct 2017 Added -i option to thames to allow files with invalid crc to load
i.e. Cobol80, Added altmap application to isis 4.2w in itools.
As part of my work to convert the asm80 source to C I have reworked the asm80
4.1 source to reflect usage of address types as follows
	word	 var is numeric
	pointer	 var contains the address of a variable. 
	apointer var contains the address of a word variable.
	address	 var is used as both a word and a pointer
Note I also corrected a naming error on asm80_4.1_all.src (I had accidently
named it asm80_4.2_all.src)
The first C port of asm80 is now in the asm80-c directory. But be aware it
currently ignores :Fx: specifications and will load files from the current
directory only. If you compile the code you will get warnings about the pack
pragma. These are safe to ignore, once I get a chance I will clean them up.

28-Nov-2017 Added isis 4.0 decompilations for isis.bin and isis.t0
Note I have done more work on the C port of asm80 but put on a separate feature
branch. Will merge back in once I feel enough work has been done. This branch
includes fixes and adds drive specifier support. If you are interested
check out feature/asm80

10-Dec-2017 Added C ports of asm80 v4.1, lib v2.1, link v3.0, locate v3.0.
	    The command line is as per the ISIS versions and you need to set
	    environment variables of form ISIS_Fn=dir to support :Fx: drive
	    prefixes. As a convienence for all but plm80 :F0: defaults to the
	    current directory.
	    I have also added my old plm80 port to C++. It supports :Fx:
	    prefixes, but :F0: map to current directory and other :Fn: prefixes
	    map to ./fn. At somepoint I will convert to the format used for
	    the other tools.
	    To clean up the directories all the C ports are now under c-ports
	    and managed via a single solution

15-Mar-2018 Added newer C port of plm80.
        Added decompilations of isis.bin and isis.t0 for isis 2.2. The
        compilation of isis.bin required a fix to be applied to the old
        fortran compiler. I will release the corrected source shortly. In the
        meantime compiled plm81 and plm82 with larger symbol, macro and memory
        tables are in the tools directory. The fix in particular was to plm82
        which previously generated incorrect code.
        Added decompilations for objhex (2.2n and 4.3), hexobj (4.3), vers (4.3)
        binobj (3.4), help (ipds 1.1), submit (4.3)
        Added decompilations of isis.t0 and isis.bin for v4.3w.
        Minor fixes to various utilities and thames.
        Improved and added that generates embedded plm /
        asm for the old fortran compiler

What's here
  asm80/*.*	the port of asm80 v4.1 to C. 
		The port is based on asm80.ov4 which is the macro version of
		the assembler. I have seen this distributed as asm80 without
		the other overlays, as the main asm80 just determines whether
		to run asm80.ov4 (macro support), asm80.ov5 (large memory
		support no macros) or to use overlays asm80.ov1, asm80.ov2 and
		asm80.ov3 for small memory support.

  lib/*.*	the port of lib v2.1 to C

  link/*.*	the port of link v3.0 to C

  locate/*.*	the port of locate v3.0 to C

  plm80/*.*	this is an old port of plm80 v4.1 to C++. It was written
		before I had completed the decompilation of plm80. Also I use
		a number of kludges to map address variables, some of which I
		would do differently in a future version.
		Note it currently maps isis drives differently from the other
		tools. Note the 10-Dec-2017 comment above. 

  plm80c/*.* this is a newer port of plm80 v4.1 to C. This is the one I am
        adding commentary to as I understand the compiler internals.

itools/*/*.*	the various isis tools each set specified under a sub
		directory of the format tool_version. Tools include
		asm80, plm80, fort80, pasc80, asm86, plm86, asm48, asm51, basic
		lib, link, locate lib86, link86, loc86, lib51, rl51
		ixref, conv86, oh86, plm80.lib, fpal.lib
		utils - include hexobj, objhex and system.lib that were in the
		utils dirctory of the various plm80, asm80, fort80 that were
		freely shared with isis.exe
		note the fort80 libraries and 8086 libraries have not
		yet been splitout.
		Additionally isis 2.2, 3.4, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.2W, 4.3 and 4.3W
		are included with the build tools noted above removed

		toolbox_1.0 and toolbox_2.0 - the isis toolbox applications
		and compiled libraries. I have added pause which was missing
		from the original v1.0

		Note basic will not work under thames as it simulates a z80
		and has different behaviour for partity/overflow.  Unfortunately
		basic fails because of this.

thames.exe	This is a major update on John Elliott's intel isis emulator
thames32.exe	used in the build tree as isis.exe does not work on 64bit windows.
thamesSrc\*.*	I have included the source of the tool in thamesSrc where you will
		also find a markdown file that describes the changes
		thames.exe is the 64bit version thames32.exe is the 32bit version

make.exe	64bit and 32bit versions of the gnu make utility

unix\*.*	various unix like tools used for the build	perl script to unpack the combined source files I use personally
		as the master files as it allows easier global search / replace.
		The script only unpacks changed files.
		Note the packed file format is Ctrl-L filename newline file content
		repeated for all files. The Ctrl-L separates the files
		Now supports multi level directory expand.	perl script that takes a located file, a mapfile and a list of
		asm/plm .lst files and for each .lst file produces a .prn file
		with the address and code adjusted to reflect the final located
		file. This is an updated version of with an additional
		first argument.
		usage: locfile mapfile listfiles+
		Note the tool requires publics or symbols to be included in the map file.
		It works best with symbols, which requires the debug option in the
		compilation stage.	(depreciated by but may be required if there are no public
		symbols in the listing file)
		perl script to allow mapping of addresses in plm listings to real
		addresses of the located code
		usage: listingfile listingaddr realaddr
		where listingaddr is an address in hex as shown in the listingfile
		and realaddr is the address it is located to
		the tool writes to the console so you most likely want to redirect
		to a file perl script to take a plm v2 listing file (source + symbols + code)
        and recreate a listing similar to that of plm v3+.
        usage: infile outfile
src\makefile	makefile to manage all of the builds. Runs make in each of the
		subdirectories noted below. It supports the same common targets

src\	markdown description of the makefile support for isis builds

Note: each of the source directories listed below contains a makefile.
To use this change to the directory and enter one of the following commands.

..\..\make all		- builds the files, the all is optional
..\..\make verify	- builds the files and verifies with the intel binary
..\..\make clean	- cleans the directory
..\..\make distclean	- cleans out files not needed to rebuild from source
..\..\make rebuild	- runs distclean followed by all

src\asm80_4.1\*.* plm & asm recreated source for asm80
		asm80_4.1_all.src is a packed file of all of the source.

src\binobj_3.4\*.* plm recreated source for binobj v3.4
		binobj_3.4_all.src is a packed file of all of the source.

src\help_1.1\*.* plm & asm recreated source for iPDS help v1.1
		help_1.1_all.src is a packed file of all of the source.

src\hexobj_4.3\*.* plm recreated source for hexobj v3.4
		hexobj_4.3_all.src is a packed file of all of the source.

src\lib_2.1\*.*	plm & asm recreated source for lib80 v2.1
		lib_2.1_all.src contains the packed source code.

src\link_3.0\*.* plm & asm recreated source for link and link.ovl v3.0
		link_3.0_all.src contains the packed source code

src\locate_3.0\*.* plm & asm recreated source for locate v3.0
		locate_3.0_all.src contains the packed source code

src\plm_v4.0\*.* plm & asm recreated source for plm80 v4.0
		 plm_4.0_all.src contains the packed source code.

src\isis_2.2\*.*  files to build isis.bin 2.2
src\isis.t0_2.2\*.*  files to build isis 2.2 boot file

src\isis_3.4\*.*	files to build isis 3.4
		 isis_3.4_all.src contains the packed source code.
src\isis.t0_3.4\*.* files to build isis 3.4 boot file
		 isis.t0_3.4_all.src contains the packed source code.

src\isis_4.0\*.*	files to build isis 4.0
		 isis_4.0_all.src contains the packed source code.
src\isis.t0_4.0\*.* files to build isis 4.0 boot file
		 isis.t0_4.0_all.src contains the packed source code.

src\isis_4.1\*.*	files to build isis 4.1
		 isis_4.1_all.src contains the packed source code.
src\isis.t0_4.1\*.* files to build isis 4.1 boot file
		 isis.t0_4.1_all.src contains the packed source code.

src\isis.cli_4.1\*.* files to build isis 4.1 cli file
		 isis.cli_4.1_all.src contains the packed source code.

src\isis_4.3\*.*	files to build isis 4.3
		 isis_4.3_all.src contains the packed source code.
src\isis.t0_4.3\*.* files to build isis 4.3 boot file
		 isis.t0_4.3_all.src contains the packed source code.

src\isis.cli_4.3\*.* files to build isis 4.3 cli file
		 isis.cli_4.3_all.src contains the packed source code.

src\isis.ov0_4.3\*.* files to build isis 4.3 .ov0 file
		 isis.ov0_4.3_all.src contains the packed source code.

src\isisUtil_4.3\*.*	files to build isis 4.3 fixmap, format and idisk
		isisUtil_4.3_all.src contains the packed source code

src\isis_4.3w\*.*	files to build isis.bin 4.3w
		 isis_4.3w_all.src contains the packed source code.
src\isis.t0_4.3w\*.* files to build isis.t0 4.3w boot file
		 isis.t0_4.3w_all.src contains the packed source code.

src\ixref_1.2\*.* files to build ixref 1.2
		 ixref_1.2_all.src contains the packed source code.
src\ixref_1.3\*.* files to build ixref 1.3
		 ixref_1.3_all.src contains the packed source code and the
		 isis.ov0 file needed to test it.

src\objhex_2.2n\*.* files to build objhex isis utils v2.2n
		objhex_2.2n_all.src contains the packed source

src\objhex_4.3\*.* files to build objhex for isis 4.3
		objhex_4.3_all.src contains the packed source

src\plm80.lib\*.* files to build plm80.lib for plm v4.0
		plm80lib_all.src contains the packed source

src\system.lib_4.0\*.* files to build system.lib for plm v4.0
		system.lib_4.0_all.src contains the packed source

src\submit_4.3\*.* files to build submit for isis 4.3
		submit_4.3_all.src contains the packed source

src\kermit\*.*	files to build kermit for isis

src\tex\*.*	files to build tex v1.0, v1.2, v2.1 for cpm also a patched version
                of v2.1 that fixes a bug in printing text only

src\toolbox_1.0\*.*	the source files for the isis toolbox inluding decompiled
		versions of all of the libraries. Master source is in
		toolbox_1.0_all.src, it contains nested master files for the
		Running make will unpack and rebuild the files, alternatively
		using will unpack the files leaving the library sources
                in packed format.
		Note cusp2.lib was compiled with plm80 v1.0 and I cannot
		recreate the exact binary as it inlines some of the plm80
		library and in some cases generates different code.
		Additionally for module MONITOR I could not generate the exact
		code even though it claims to be compiled with PLM80 3.1. It
		is possible it was an internal version. Finally several of the
		libraries contain identical modules but the overall libraries
		are not identical. This appears to be due to a bug in the
		librarian Intel used, in that the dictionary locations are not
		all normalised e.g. block:sector 24H:00 is 23H:80H.

src\toolbox_2.0\*.* the source files for version 2.0 of the isis toolbox including
		decompiled version of all of the libraries. Master source is in
		toolbox_2.0_all.src, it contains nested master files for the
		libraries. See toolbox_1.0 above.

tools\*.*	tools I wrote to help me decompile / build the files	include makefile script see src/ for details
		also look at the makefiles in the source tree	tool to split a library out into individual object files
		usage: libraryfile targetdir
		note it uses the module name as the filename and this may not
		be a valid isis filename.

		a program that takes a library file and create assembly like
		files for each module.
		usage: disIntelLib library
		a directory is created with the name name as the library file
		name without the .lib. Individual files are created in the
		directory with a .asm, .plm or .for extension dependent on the
		compiler detected. For plm some of the plm data structures are
		emitted rather than assembler ones.

  dumpintel.exe dumps the contents of an omf file
		usage: dumpintel objectfile

  omfcmp.exe	a small utility to compare intel files with respect to final
		image load in memory. This is a significant update on the
		previous diffbin that now supports library comparison and will do
		a binary compare if the files are not in omf format.
  ngenpex.exe   My own implemenation of the intel software tools utility
		genpex. This fixes a number of issues with the original which
		I have included in the plm80v4 directory along with the
		original documentation.
		The tool takes a master database of public variables,
		literals, procedures, based and label declarations and a
		source plm file. It generates an included file with required
		external and literal definitions for the plm file to compile.
		See the genpex.txt file in plm80v4 for the main details. My
		changes are:
		1) Text in simple strings do not trigger defintions e.g. 'ERROR x'
		   does not cause the error procedure to be defined as an external
		2) The pex file allows a minus prefix to force prevent a match
		3) I have extended the procedure defintion to optionally allow
		   parameter names to be included by following the type indicator
		   with a space, the name and a comma or trailing )
		4) In genpex a trailing S indicates an array variable and a
		   (1) size is written to the ipx file. ngenpex optionally
		   allows a (size) where size can be number or a "literal",
		   this is written to the ipx file. This allows the plm size,
		   length and last functions to be used
		5) Local variable names do not trigger external definitions
		6) literal or variable declarations before the $include line
		   for the generated .ipx file take precedence
		7) Optionally ngenpex will emit public definitions in the plm
		   file into a .pub file to allow an initial pex database to be created.
		   Note it will also emit externals with a # prefix. This
		   allow you to cross check for missing / incorrect usage
 		usage: ngenpex pexfile sourcefile [-p]
		where the -p is optional and generates the .pub file noted above

		Note I have not yet included the source of ngenpex as I think
		some clean up is in order. If you find a problem let me know
		and I will see if there is a simple fix. I should also point
		out that it only works for plm80 source.

  isisc.exe	a utility to check the isis4.1 build is compatible with the reference
  isisu.exe	a utility to unpack the isis boot file to show the load addresses
		and length of each block - not needed for the build
  obj2bin.exe	convert omf85 to a binary file - used to create image for disassembly
  packisis.exe	convert omf85 to isis4.1 load format used for isis.bin i.e. remove
		the 06 header and the crc bytes
  patchbin.exe	a utility to apply patches to an existing .com file
                usage: patchbin patchfile comfile
		format of patch file is
	        address xx yy ...
		where address is the cpm location (file offset + 0x100)
		and xx yy etc. are the new byte values.
		note all values are entered in hex.
		The latest version allows writing beyond the end of the
		comfile, which is useful for tail end padding of files.
  plmpp.exe	Implements the plm preprocessor for $IF $ELSE $ELSEIF and $END
		so that plm 3.x version files can include the preprocessor
		usage: plmpp [-f]* [-F] [-sVAR[=val][,VAR[=val]]*] [-rVAR[,VAR]*] [-o outfile] srcfile
		-f -> each -f causes one level of include files to be flattend. 
		-F -> all include files are flattend
		-s -> same as plm SET on the command line () are omitted
		-r -> same as plm RESET on the command line () are omitted
		-o -> specifies the output file

  plm81.exe & plm82.exe my personal builds of the plm v2 files. Supports
        larger source files and contains fixes for plm82.
        Note, the source files are in C++ and were created by passing the
        fortran source through struct and then hand edited to clean up, rather
        than a direct compile or use of f2c.

  t0bootdiff	compares to bootfile files to show differences	simple script to create a basic ISIS.DIR file based on files
		matching ??????.???. No link information is included and its
		main use is to support ixref utility to generate a dependency file information.
		usage: perl objfile srcfile
		ISIS_Fn environment variables need to be set for all of the
		include drives used. If there are any dependencies then
		a suitable .d file is created in the .deps directory.

toolsrc\*.*	source files for the above tools in visual studio 2015
		the underlying c and c++ source files can easily be found
		if you are using a different compiler

Mark Ogden
updated 1-Apr-2015
updated 6-Sep-2015
updated 24-Oct-2015
updated 3-Nov-2015 (added cli)
updated 19-Apr-2016 (added kermit, tex20, tex21 and patchbin tool)
updated 7-Oct-2016 (added warning on crlf expansion)
updated 1-Dec-2016 (added ixref)
updated 10-Dec-2016 (added asxref to the asm80 directory, stuctural changes to
		     the makefile for asm80)
updated 29-Jan-2017 (renamed asm80 files to be more consistent and simpified
		     makefile. Note may move to gnu make at some point to
		     simplifiy further)
updated 1-May-2017  (Updated thames to support auto unix file mapping and isis error handling
		     moved build to use gnu make including tools/
		     restructured plm v4.0 tree
		     renamed several directories to be more consistent
		     added plm80v30
		     replaced diffbin by a more comprehensive comparison tool omfcmp
		     added decompilation of isis v3.4 and v4.3 files
		     added disIntelLib, dumpintel,
Update 8-May-2017    restructured isis tools directories and changed
		     to support this. See src/ for info
Update 17-May-2017   added isis toolbox v1.0
Update 18-May-2017   minor reorganisation of isis toolbox v1.0 to use nested packed files
		     standardised on packed files naming convention to
Update 8-Jun-2017    Updated thames to use 8080 emulation. This allows basic to be run
		     Added isis toolbox 2.0 and a new version of
Update 28-Nov-2017   Added decompilations isis.bin and isis.t0 for isis 4.0
Update 10-Dec-2017   Added C ports
Update 15-Mar-2018  Updated this file to reflect recent additions. See notes
             earlier in the file.