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My .emacs was long overdue for a cleanup. As I am amazed with the modularity and cleanliness of the overtone/live-coding-emacs repository, and decided to merge my own config into this.

I don't care about the live coding stuff in the original repo, so you can check that out here: I am also using submodules to keep track of libraries, so I don't have to manually update them all the time.

Getting started

  1. Run git clone to get the repository, and git submodule update --init to initialize and update the submodules we are using.
  2. In order to tell emacs to use this config, you can to one of two things:
    • Move and rename the live-coding-emacs folder to ~/.emacs.d
    • Symlink to the checked out repository with ln -s /path/to/ogrim-emacs-config/ ~/.emacs.d
  3. You shuld run emacs with emacs --daemon and open a frame with emacsclient -c

Emacs in daemon mode is fast and awesome!

Updating submodules

  • Check submodule status with git submodule status

  • If it has changed, pull the new commits with git submodule update

What's inside?

This config includes an exciting cornucopia of Emacs goodies set up and ready to go. The highlights are:

  • Clojure Mode (with fancy (λ [a] (+ a 5)) and ƒ(+ % 5) prettifications)
  • Slime (for communicating with swank servers)
  • Auto completion (configured to work with slime for inline auto completion of documentation)
  • Sexy Zenburn color theme
  • Fancy highlighting of sexps on eval, with nicer colors
  • REPL syntax highlighting
  • Submodules