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Completions and integrations with the AWS CLI
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An Oh My Fish plugin for the Amazon Web Services CLI.

MIT License Fish Shell Version Oh My Fish Framework

Currently provides two integrations beyond just the base features of the AWS CLI:

  • Completions, so that you don't have to memorize the hundreds of AWS subcommands
  • Simple profile switching, so that you don't have to pass in --profile all the time


$ omf install aws


See the documentation for the AWS Command Line Interface on basic usage.

For profile switching, this plugin provides the aws profile subcommand. To switch your current profile, just provide the profile name:

$ aws profile stage

You can view your current profile by passing in no additional arguments:

$ aws profile

The profiles available come from your AWS credentials file (~/.aws/credentials). Profile switching is very rudimentary and is just a shortcut for implicitly passing the --profile <name> option. If you need more robust AWS profile management, check out the asp plugin by @mgoodness.

Your current profile is saved between shell sessions.


MIT © sagebind et al

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