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Open Science Demo Calls

A monthly google hangout to show off some of the fantastic projects built by members of the OHBM Open Science community.

What are Demo Calls?

Demo calls are a chance to hear from the developers of open neuroimaging tools: resources you may use (or want to use), but don't know much about. Why did a developer make a tool, and make it openly available? What was their process for creating it? How do they see it being used? How do they hope it will grow in the future? How can you get involved?

Demo calls are a great chance to find out about tools and initiatives (both old and new) you may not have heard of yet. The open neuroimaging community is great and growing every day. We'll use these calls to build connections between all members of the OHBM Open Science community and to tell the stories of the people making outstanding and reproducible neuroscience happen.

When do they take place?

Demo calls happen (usually) on the last Thursday of the month at 7pm UK time.

Our next call will be live on youtube on Thursday 31st May 2018, 7pm BST!

This month we'll be discussing events specific to this year's OHBM annual meeting, and getting excited for Singapore! We'll be hearing from Anisha Keshevan and Greg Kiar about the OHBM hackathon, Aki Nikolaidis, Ayaka Ando and Michele Veldsman about the Student and Postdoc SIG initiatives (including the mentorship lunch), and Nils Muhlert about the Communications Committee's coverage of open science at this year's annual meeting .

Where can I find them?

The calls will be livestreamed on YouTube from the OHBM OpenScience Channel.

Can I catch up with previous calls?

Yes! The recordings are archived on our YouTube channel and you can also find some useful links at the call recaps on the OHBM blog.

Check out the recaps for our most recent calls:

How do I stay in touch?

Please join the OSSIG google group to receive reminders each month!

You can also add the OSSIG google calendar to your own calendar to remind you when events are happening. Here's the iCal link: and here's a helpful how to guide.

How do I appear on a future demo call?

To nominate yourself, or someone else, to speak on a future demo call, please comment at this Guest Suggestions issue or send an email to Kirstie Whitaker at


A collection of resources for the Open Science Demo Calls



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