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Andy Chu Catch exceptions from completion hooks in the Executor.
Hook up dev.CrashDumper.  This is very rough now, but the basic flow
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testdata Remove the zsh code that doesn't parse with OSH! Aug 30, 2018
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configure A release tarball built on Linux now compiles on OS X (#127) Jun 1, 2018
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oil-version.txt Bump version to 0.6.pre4. Sep 6, 2018 Start analyzing OPy compiler output with R. Sep 10, 2018


Build Status

Oil is a new Unix shell. Why Create a New Unix Shell?

This repo contains a bash-compatible shell called OSH, written in Python.

The dialect of bash that is recognized is called the OSH language. The main goal now is to design the Oil language, which shell scripts can be automatically converted to.

Oil is written in Python, but we deploy a native executable. A subset of the Python-2.7.13/ directory is packaged with the application.

Try it

Clone the repo, build the Python extension, and run bin/osh. Basic things like pipelines, variables, functions, etc. should work.

bash$ build/ minimal
# Now you should have a symlink in the repository root directory

bash$ bin/osh
osh$ name=world
osh$ echo "hello $name"
hello world

You can also download the latest release and build it, which is linked from the home page.


For information on how to build and test Oil, see Contributing on the wiki.

If you'd like to contribute, please post a message on the #oil-dev channel of Let us know what you're thinking, or let us know if you're having problems getting started.

The blog has updates on the project status.

Code Overview

Try this to show a summary of what's in the repo and their line counts:

$ scripts/ all

(Other functions in this file may be useful as well.)

Directory Structure

# Development Scripts

benchmarks/       # Test for speed
build/            # Build automation          # For development builds, running CPython
test/             # Test automation         ## Types of test runner: unit, spec, wild, smoke      # shell spec test framework
spec/             # spec test cases
  bin/            # tools used in many spec tests
  testdata/       # scripts for specific test cases
  errors/         # TODO: migrate these bad shell scripts
scripts/          # Other development scripts
web/              # HTML/JS/CSS for tests and tools

# Oil Code

Python-2.7.13/    # CPython is the initial basis for the Oil VM
asdl/             # ASDL implementation
bin/              # programs to run (bin/osh)
core/             # the implementation (AST, runtime, etc.)
native/           # Native code for Oil, e.g. libc.c
osh/              # osh front end
oil/              # oil front end (empty now)
opy/              # Python compiler in Python
tools/            # osh2oil translator

# Temporary Directories

_bin/             # Native executables are put here
_build/           # Temporary build files
_devbuild/        # Developer build files not deleted upon 'make clean'
  gen/            # Generated Python and C code
_deps/            # build dependencies like re2c
_tmp/             # Test suites and other temp files
_release/         # Source release tarballs are put here
  VERSION/        # Published at$VERSION/
    web/          # Static files, copy of $REPO_ROOT/web

# Dev Docs

# End user docs


# End user build system


Unit tests are named and live next to

More info

Right now we're using /r/oilshell on Reddit for general discussion.

I have docs that need to be cleaned up and published. For now, there is a fair amount of design information on the blog at