Generates all German syllables.
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Jede Silbe, a NaNoGenMo15 project

This is my first entry for NaNoGenMo 2015. The goal of that project is to write code that generates a 50 000 word novel. I decided to reuse my Prolog knowledge base that (more or less accurately) represents the restrictions of German phonotactics, and generate a text that contains every possible German syllable. For the knowledge base, I used the information provided by T. Alan Hall in Phonologie: Eine Einführung (2000) and my intuition as a native speaker. The syllables are represented in SAMPA, a machine-readable phonetic alphabet.

My result contains 60610 syllables. However, some details of assimilation are not included in the knowledge base: the syllable "penk" will be generated even though the n would be turned into a velar nasal in front of the k.

Pretty output

I made a website to display all German syllables.