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Example Projects for OJ

The easiest way to create OJ projects is through the Yeoman tool (yo):

Install the tool:

npm install -g oj yo generator-oj

Run the tool:

yo oj

This tool will ask you if you want an Express Server or a Static Server (using the OJ CLI tool).

Also, feel free to look through these example projects for inspiration:

  • The html folders demonstrate how to use OJ with <script> includes

  • The bower folders demonstrates how to use <script> includes that are automatically downloaded with bower package management

  • The requirejs folders demonstrates how OJ plugins are compatable with requirejs / amd modules. This also uses bower package management to download files.

  • The static server folders show how to use the OJ CLI tool (same code as generated with oj yo:static)

  • The Express server folders show how to use OJ with Express (same code as generated with oj yo:express)