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A simple Java ORM tool.
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Hrorm is a concise, declarative, opinionated, type-checked library for the creation of Data Access Objects (DAOs) that will not inflict your codebase with XMLosis or annotationitis.

The hrorm website contains documentation for using it as well as detailed descriptions of the hows and whys of hrorm and its ethos.


There is not much to say here. The code builds with maven. Hrorm itself has no dependencies. The tests have a few dependencies, but they are all simply jars. The tests run against an in memory database (H2). There is not much code. Once you clone it, you're basically ready to go.

Hrorm requires Java 8.

Very short CONTRIBUTING doc.

Improvement Ideas and Questions

  • Where object improvements:
    • Think about how isNull and isNotNull works, maybe something better can be found
    • Is creating strange statements like "a OR b AND c" desirable? Should it be prohibited somehow?
    • Can we use the column types (or field types) to improve type checking when building where clauses?
    • What about in and not-in predicates? Can they be supported? How?
  • Hrorm does a lot of string building at query time. Should SQL strings be cached? Similarly, DaoBuilder objects are always mutable. Perhaps they should lock at Dao creation time?
  • Add support for more Java types (maybe)
  • DaoBuilder classes do not share code very well. Could it be improved?
  • Support different types, e.g. String GUIDs, for primary keys
  • Add methods that allow for updates and deletes based on Where objects
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