A simple Java ORM tool.
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Hrorm is a concise, declarative, opinionated, type-checked library for the creation of Data Access Objects (DAOs) that will not inflict your codebase with XMLosis or annotationitis.

The hrorm website contains documentation for using it as well as detailed descriptions of the hows and whys of hrorm and its ethos.


There is not much to say here. The code builds with maven. Hrorm itself has no dependencies. To build and run the tests requires only a few things and the tests run against an in-memory database. There is not much code. Once you clone it, you're basically ready to go.

Hrorm requires Java 8.

Improvement Ideas

  • Expose fields in addition to columns in select statements (either set on columns at create time, or derive from get/set method names)
  • Add support for more Java types
  • Perhaps add a KeylessDaoBuilder: but need to think about how best to share code among all the DAO builder classes while still supporting the clean types
  • Support selects that are connected with "OR" statements, not just "AND"
  • Support different types, e.g. String GUIDs, for primary keys
  • Add methods that allow for updates and deletes based on criteria other than primary key