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This is a document convertor which uses LibreOfficeKit (formerly known as
liblibreoffice) for all the heavy lifting.

You need LibreOffice 4.3 or later for this to work.

To use it, just run it with the input and output filenames - the format to
convert to is determined by the extension of the output filename.  E.g.:

$ ./lloconv essay.odt essay.html

You can also fetch a document from a URL to convert:

$ ./lloconv -u sample.html

Use this feature with caution - it's probably safe on https URLs you control
the content of, but fetching arbitrary documents is equivalent to automatically
opening email attachments.

The code checks for LibreOffice installed in /usr/lib/libreoffice/program
(which is where the Debian packages install to) and if it's not there, tries
/opt/libreoffice<major>.<minor>/program for known <major>.<minor> versions
(which is where the .debs from install to).  You can override
this by setting environmental variable LO_PATH, either to handle an install in
another location, or to force a particular install to be used if you have more
than one copy installed, e.g.:

$ LO_PATH=/opt/libreoffice5.0/program
$ export LO_PATH

You should be aware that LibreOfficeKit is quite a new feature - if you
hit problems, please report them.

If you're looked for a Python API to LibreOfficeKit, take a look at pylokit: