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This repository contains the theming for - the German instance of Froide.

Setup a separate Python virtual environment:

pip install virtualenv
python -m virtualenv fds-env
source fds-env/bin/activate

Then install dependencies:

pip install -U -r requirements-dev.txt -e .

Initialise the database:

python migrate

Run the server:

python runserver

Now you can visit http://localhost:8000.

To customise settings, copy the example settings and edit:

cp fragdenstaat_de/ fragdenstaat_de/

To have the German translation, you need to install gettext on your system. See the Django documentation for details. Compile translations like this:

python compilemessages


Froide and fragdenstaat_de are licensed under the MIT License.

Some folders contain an attributions.txt with more information about the copyright holders for files in this specific folder.