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The official Tumblr theme for Franc Fernandez.
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Franc from OKFocus

Franc is a Tumblr theme that lays out your posts in a big grid that you can drag using the mouse. As you move around, new posts are loaded automatically. The layout works on all tag and permalink pages and is totally customizable. You can also use the arrow keys to jump from post to post.

Franc was made especially for designer Franc Fernandez and is featured on his website.


  1. Open theme.html in a text editor, select all and copy.
  2. From the Tumblr dashboard, click Customize Appearance.
  3. Click Edit HTML, select all and delete the old template. Paste in the OKDrag theme.
  4. Click Update Preview, then click Appearance and click Save, then reload the page.

All Javascript and logos live on Tumblr’s static file hosting service, so there is no need to upload these yourself.


  • Text, Link and Background all work as on a standard Tumblr.
  • Post Shadow sets the color of the drop shadow on individual posts.
  • Text Shadow sets the color of the drop shadow on text inside posts.
  • Post Background sets the background color of individual posts.
  • Background Image sets the background of the canvas.
  • Logo is an optional image that will appear on the top right corner of your blog. Works best if it’s short and wide like an envelope.
  • Shadows on Posts turns on and off the drop shadow on individual posts.
  • Shadows on Text turns on and off the drop shadow on text.
  • Background on Posts turns on and off the background color on posts.
  • Stagger Rows varies the positioning of alternating rows.
  • Posts full width of the screen varies the amount of horizontal space between posts.
  • Show Title shows or hides the title text up top.
  • Show Dropdown shows or hides the dropdown navigation up top.
  • Show Permalink shows or hides the permalink on posts.
  • Use white OKFocus logo if you’re using a dark background.
  • Use transparent white post background makes the post backgrounds slightly transparent.
  • Instructions sets the text underneath the dropdown up top.
  • Posts Per Row varies the number of posts ground across. Set to 1 to have all your posts in a column.

We Advise

  • Underneath the appearance section, click on Advanced and set Posts Per Page to 15.
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