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manueltanzi-okta fix[okta-vue]: Fixes login_required error (#304)
The TokenManager throws an error when tries to renew a token but Okta session is expired.
The SDK should capture that error in the getAccessToken and getIdToken functions and return undefined instead.
In this way, also the isAuthenticated function will return false, so the router can correctly redirect to a new login.

Also makes the isAuthenticated function to use the getAccessToken() and getIdToken() functions instead of using directly the tokenManager, like we do for the other SDKs.
Latest commit 95c3e62 Sep 21, 2018


This is a monorepo that contains Okta's OpenID Connect JavaScript resources.

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Package Status Description
jwt-verifier npm version Easily verify JWTs from Okta
okta-angular npm version Angular support for Okta
oidc-middleware npm version Middleware to easily add OpenID Connect to the Node.js framework of your choice
okta-react npm version React support for Okta
okta-react-native npm version React Native support for Okta
okta-vue npm version Vue.js support for Okta