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R7RS libraries in R6RS library format
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R7RS-bridge Project

R7RS-bridge project is a research project which aims to:

 - Prepare R6RS library which implements R7RS small language
 - Tryout R7RS small language by implementing various library

Non-Implemented Features

- cond-expand
- port-open?, char-ready?, u8-ready?

Supported Implementation

- nmosh / mosh ( )

We use nmosh as a baseline interpreter.

- Vicare (0.2d3-1)
  Unsupported features: 
    load, repl

- Guile 2.x (2.0.3)
  Unsupported features: 
    load, repl
    cond-expand (SRFI-0)

- Petite Chez Scheme 8.x (8.4)
  Unsupported features: 
    load, repl
    get-environment-variables (SRFI-98)

- IronScheme (1.0 RC6)
  Unsupported features:
    load, repl
    Compile (pre-expand program/library)

- Sagittarius (0.2.2)
  Unsupported features:
    load, repl

- Larceny (0.98b1)
  Unsupported features:
    load with environment
    Compile (pre-expand program/library)
    char-ready? for string port
    u8-ready? for bytevector port

- (Other R6RS, except Racket)

Racket cannot use R6RS libraries without #!r6rs marker.
TODO: Test other R6RS impl and list here..

- "Patched" chibi-scheme ( )

Original chibi-scheme cannot recognize the file with ".sls" extension as a

How to use

 - MOSH -

   nmosh --loadpath=lib-r6rs:lib SCRIPT.SPS


   vicare -L lib-r6rs -L lib SCRIPT.SPS
   (--r6rs-repl SCRIPT.SPS needed under some circumstances..)

 - GUILE -

   guile -l load/guile.scm SCRIPT.SPS


   petite --libdirs lib-r6rs:lib --libext sls --program SCRIPT.SPS

   In Win32, use --libdirs lib-r6rs;lib (semicolon)

 - IronScheme -

   IronScheme.Console.exe load/ironscheme.scm SCRIPT.SPS

 - Sagittarius Scheme -

   sash -Llib-r6rs -Llib -Lload/sagittarius SCRIPT.SPS

 - Larceny -

   larceny -r6rs -path lib-r6rs:lib -program SCRIPT.SPS

   In Win32, use --libdirs lib-r6rs;lib (semicolon)

 - Patched chibi-scheme -

   chibi-scheme -Ilib SCRIPT.SPS

Library format

"R7RS-bridge" formatted libraries are valid R6RS library with R7RS friendly

   (library (example library)
            (export func)
            (import (scheme base)
                    (another library))
               ;;; Library content ....


Note that the "export - import - begin" sequence is mandatory for compatibility
with R7RS. (ie. don't forget to add a begin around library body...)

In this format, just replacing s/library/define-library/ will create valid
R7RS library.

In library entry, you cannot use R6RS-only reader syntax. Namely:

   Bytevectors:   #vu8( ... ) notation is not supported by R7RS.
   Flags:         #!r6rs ...
   Syntax, Quasi-syntax: #'...

R6RS Backend Libraries

surfage - win32 patched version of Surfage library.

 Source :
 License: Checking (BSD like)


chibi-scheme - chibi-scheme R7RS tests
 Source : chibi-scheme
 License: Unknown. (chibi-scheme + R7RS)

laceny-R6RS - R6RS benchmarks
 Source : (Larceny)
 License: Unknown. 

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