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Ansible minimal example

This is a minimal example of Ansible. It uses docker (and docker compose) to set up a system consisting of:

  • controller (the ansible controller)
  • two nodes (ansible targets, dummy nodes)

Prerequisites and Installation

You need to have docker and docker compose installed, then run docker-compose up


To verify that everything is correctly setup, do: docker exec -ti a_controller bash , you should now be in a bash shell in the controller container. Execute ansible -m ping all and you should see three sucessful pings from the three containers.

Working with and extending the example

The example is setup to mount the volume "work/" inside the home directory of the controller container. When you've entered bash in the running container, try ansible-playbook playbooks/touchfile.yml. This will place a file removeMe.file in /tmp/ on all your nodes. Run ansible-playbook playbooks/removefile.ylm to remove the file from all nodes.

Further reading