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Tools developed by Ole Tange <>.

Probably not useful for you, but then again you never now.

em - Force emacs to run in terminal. Use xemacs if installed.

field - Split on space. Give the given field number. Support syntax 1-3,6-

forever - Run the same command or list of commands every second.

neno - No error no output. Only print STDERR and STDOUT if the command fails.

reniced - Renice all commands running more than 1 CPU minute unless they are niced or whitelisted.

rn - Move file(s)/dir(s) to ~/.rm/ (wastebasket).

stdout - Redirect both STDERR and STDOUT to STDOUT.

tracefile - List files being accessed by program.

w4it-for-port-open - Block until the given port opens on a given host.

wssh - Shorthand for w4it-for-port-open $host 22; ssh $host
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