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Unofficial API for Btjunkie.

How to use

Fetch torrents from the video section.

Most recent


Specify a page

Default is 1.


Btjunkie requires that you pass some cookies to fetch there data. You can easily do that by specifying the sessid.

  sessid: "1212lksdjfkj3lkeda090w83922af6b"

Get info about a url

You can easily get detailed info about a torrent using the find_by_details method.

url = ""
torrent = Btjunkie.find_by_details(url)
torrent.title # => Pirates of the Caribbean 4 2011 XViD- MEM [ENG AUDIO]

The find_by_details method returns a Torrent object.

Data to work with

As soon as the results method is applied to the query a request to Btjunkie is made. The results method returns a list of Torrent object with the following methods.

  • title (String) The title.
  • details (String) The url to the details page.
  • torrent (String) The url. This should be a direct link to the torrent.
  • tid (String) The tid method, also known as torrent id is a truly unique identifier for all torrents. It is generated using a MD5 with the torrent domain and the id method as a seed.
  • torrent_id (String) The same as the tid method.
  • dead? (Boolean) Check to see if the torrent has no seeders. If it has no seeders, then dead? will be true.
  • id (Fixnum) An unique id for the torrent. The id is only unique for this specific torrent, not all torrents.
  • seeders (Fixnum) The amount of seeders.
  • subtitle (Undertexter) The subtitle for the torrent. Takes one argument, the language for the subtitle. Default is :english. Read more about it here.
  • movie (MovieSearcher) Read more about the returned object at the MovieSearcher project page.
  • valid? (Boolean) Is the torrent valid? Does it contain the correct value for #id, #torrent and #details?
torrents = Btjunkie.category(:movies).results
puts torrents.class       # => Array
puts torrents.first.class # => BtjunkieContainer::Torrent

How do install

[sudo] gem install btjunkie


Btjunkie is tested in OS X 10.6.7 using Ruby 1.8.7, 1.9.2.


Btjunkie is released under the MIT license.