Yet another proxy hunter



proxyhunter may be used to find free proxies, it performs searching using available adapters for search engines
(like Google and so on). All found proxies may be checked for availability, proxy type and speed. proxyhunter
uses database as storage for found proxies, so you can easily perfrom any SELECT statement to find what you need.


First of all you should install one of the available database schema.
The easiest for deploy is SQLite (but not very fast). See CPAN for other alternatives.

	$ cpan App::ProxyHunter::Model::Schema::SQLite

Then you should generate configuration file and edit if needed

	$ proxyhunter --create-config proxyhunter.jconf

Now it is time to create database schema

	$ proxyhunter --config proxyhunter.jconf --create-schema

And finally you can start the process

	$ proxyhunter --config proxyhunter.jconf


	cpan App::ProxyHunter