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What is this repository for?

sch_pi2: PI2 AQM (with dual queue option) module for Linux

iproute2-3.16.0: iproute2 package with added support for sch_pi2

Quick summary

PI2 AQM is both an extension, and a simplification of the PIE (PI-Enhanced AQM). It makes quite some heuristics unnecessary, while enabling it to control scalable (L4S = low loss, low latency and scalable) congestion controls (like DCTCP, TCP-Prague, ...). Both Reno/Cubic can be used in parallel with DCTCP, giving it the same throughput.

The DualQ option can be used to classify the L4S traffic in a priority low latency queue, enabling L4S's full low latency power. The drop/mark coupling makes sure that the flows are still fair (now only congestion window fair as, due to the different Q sizes, their RTT will be different).

How do I get set up?

PI2 AQM is implemented as a module. In order to use it, you need to either reinstall iproute2 package or use a local build of tc from iproute2. The files that should be added/changed and a patch are included in this repository. Currently only tested with iproute2 version 3.16.0.

Build iproute2 locally:

cd iproute2-3.16.0 && make

Reinstall iproute2:

cd iproute2-3.16.0 && make install

Build sch_pi2 module:

cd sch_pi2 && make

Register module:

cd sch_pi2 && make load

Remove module:

cd sch_pi2 && make unload

Add pi2 as a qdisc with a bottleneck of 40Mbps:

sudo tc qdisc del dev <interface> root

sudo tc qdisc add dev <interface> root handle 1: htb default 10

sudo tc class add dev <interface> parent 1: classid 1:10 htb rate 40Mbit ceil 40Mbit burst 1516

sudo tc qdisc add dev <interface> parent 1:10 pi2

or with the dualQ option:

sudo tc qdisc add dev <interface> parent 1:10 pi2 dualq

  • Dependencies:

    bison libdb-dev flex

Who do I talk to?

  • Repo owner or admin
  • Other community or team contact