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Supported scales in openScale

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How to support your scale

If you want to help to support your Bluetooth scale please see here for further information.


Scale Initialisation process History data Body metrics Remarks / Known Issues
Custom openScale see here for a tutorial
Xiaomi Mi scale v1 n/a No data on the scale is ever deleted
Medisana BS430/BS444/BS440 n/a -
Sanitas SBF70 assigned user name on the scale and in openScale have to be the same, see FAQ
Digoo DG-S038H o n/a Initialisation process needs to be reverse engineered. Currently you have to use one time the vendors app to initialise the scale.
Yunmai Mini / Yunmai Premium n/a -
Excelvan CF369BLE n/a -
Yunmai SE o n/a n/a Weight unit is currently not set via openScale
MGB / Vitalmaxx n/a -
Xiaomi Mi scale v2 -
Exingtech Y1 n/a -
Beurer BF700/710/800 -
Silvercrest SBF75 assigned user name on the scale and in openScale have to be the same, see FAQ
Runtastic Libra n/a -
Hesley (Yunchen) n/a -
iHealth HS3 n/a n/a -
Easy Home 64050 n/a -
Accuway n/a -
OneByone n/a -
Trisa Body Analyze 4.0 -
Inlife n/a -
FitIndex ES-26M n/a Used Trisa Body Analyze body measurement library until original QN scale library is full reverse engineered
✓ : supported in openScale
o : supported by the scale but still needs to be reverse engineered
n/a : not available on the scale

Detailed information

Please select a scale for further information

image missing
Custom Bluetooth scale
image missing
Xiaomi Mi scale v1
image missing
Medisana BS444 scale
image missing
Sanitas SBF70
image missing
Digoo DG-S038H
image missing
Yunmai Mini
image missing
Excelvan CF369BLE
image missing
Yunmai SE
image missing

image missing
Xiaomi Mi scale v2
image missing
Exingtech Y1
image missing
Beurer BF700/800
image missing
Silvercrest SBF75
image missing
Runtastic Libra
image missing
Hesley (Yunchen) scale
image missing
iHealth HS3
image missing
Beurer BF710
image missing
Easy Home 64050
image missing
Medisana BS440
image missing
image missing
Excelvan CF366BLE
image missing
Trisa Body Analyze 4.0
image missing
image missing
FitIndex ES-26M
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