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The template & assets of my personal website based on the cm system Kirby in version 3.
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This is a repository to host my personal website backend based on the cm system Kirby 3. It contains the templates and chunks that I need in the backend to run the site.


I will track only the required backend resources to run the site. This usually contains the assets/ and the site/ directory. It does not contain the content of the site. Maybe I'll do that later. So let's have a look at the structure.

  • assets/
    • htaccess - the htaccess file, contains server config & security/data privacy measures
    • css/ - contains the layout (incl. normalize.css)
    • images/ - contains all images used throughout the site
  • site/
    • snippets/ - contains all the snippets used throughout the website (header, footer, nav)
    • templates/ - contains all existing templates

Putting it all together

Putting it all together will be a little bit of a manual thing for the time being. Just install Kirby & get it running (config, auth and such). Then copy the folders to the specific directories. At the end copy assets/htaccess to /.htaccess. That should do it.


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