STM32 32-bit microcontroller based UAVCAN nodes for DIY
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UAVCAN For Hobbyists (UC4H)

The project aims at bringing UAVCAN devices to hobbyists at low cost.

Project web page
Project blog

This project comprises these UAVCAN nodes and devices:

UC4H GPS-Magnetometer-Barometer Node

UC4H PowerBrick Node

UC4H ESC-Actuator Node

UC4H UartBridge Node

UC4H Air/Airspeed Node

UC4H Notify Node

UC4H Display Node

UC4H OreoLED Node

UC4H IndicatorLED Node

UC4H FunThing Node

UC4H MavlinkBridge

UC4H SLCAN Adapter


The material provided in the UC4H Github repository is subject to the following conditions.

Firmware files: All firmwares are free (but not open source). Besides unlimited private use you are also granted the permission to use them for commercial purposes under the condition that (1) you don’t modify the firmware, e.g. remove or change copyright statements, (2) provide it for free, i.e. don’t charge any explicit or implicit fees to your customers, and (3) correctly and clearly cite the origin of the firmware and the project web page in any product documentation or web page.

Hardware files: All hardware, for which material is provided, is open source hardware, under the terms of the TAPR Open Hardware License as published by the Free Hardware Foundation, see The TAPR license explicitly permits essentially unlimited commercial use, with only few conditions such as that copyright logos are not removed.


The UC4H firmwares make use of Libcanard: . Many thanks to the UAVCAN team, and Pavel Kirienko especially, the main author of Libcanard.