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#ifndef TYPES_H
#define TYPES_H
#include <stddef.h>
typedef enum {ICE, WALL, DIRT} ftype;
struct point {
size_t x,y;
// holds a game state, i.e., the position of player A and player B
struct state {
struct point apos, bpos;
struct icemap {
size_t width, height;
ftype *cells; // row-major array of lengths width*height
struct state start;
// a struct holding the distance of a shortest path to a state, and the (index
// of the) last node travelled on this path
struct distlast {
size_t dist, last;
// min-heap
struct heap {
size_t cap; // total capacity of the heap
size_t used; // number of items in the heap
struct distlast *dls; // dls[i].dist represents the "weight" of data[i]
// array of length cap; holds the nodes in the heap
size_t *data;
// maps (the index of) a state to its index in data, or to -1 if
// it is not in the heap
int *idcs;
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