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Erlang node discovery

Allows to organize Erlang/Elixir node discovery using the information about nodes provided in config. Useful in cases when your Erlang/Elixir nodes can be started/re-started on different hosts, as it happens in Mesos.

Basic configuration

    {erlang_node_discovery, [
        {db_callback, erlang_node_discovery_db},
        % List of hosts where apps can be started
        {hosts, ["host1.local", "host2.local", "host3.local"]},

        % List of nodenames and their ports
        {node_ports, [
            {app1, 17012},
            {app2, 17013},
            {app3, 17113}

Using the application with EPMDLESS

It might be useful for cases when you want to organize a service discovery and don't want to relay on standard distribution protocol. See more details about EPMDLESS here:

{ erlang_node_discovery, [
    {db_callback, epmdless_dist},
    {hosts, ["host1.local", "host2.local"]},
    {node_ports, [
        {'app1', 17012},
        {'app2', 17013},
        {'app3', 17015}
    {cookie, app_cookie}
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