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What can be configured and what are these configuration options?

The configuration file is located at invidious/config/config.yml.

  • channel_threads (default 1) Number of threads to use for crawling videos from channels

  • feed_threads (default 1) Number of threads to use for refreshing subscription feeds

  user: kemal # your database user
  password: kemal # your database password
  host: localhost # database host
  port: 5432 # postgres port
  • full_refresh (default false) When crawling channel videos, threads should refresh all videos uploaded by a channel

  • https_only (default false) Used to tell Invidious it is accessed via https, set to true if you have for example a reverse proxy with a ssl certificate

  • domain (default nil) Domain to use for providing self links in RSS feeds, issuing cookies, etc.

  • hmac_key (default nil) Signing key for CSRF tokens (when nil is randomly generated on startup, can be any random string)

  • use_pubsub_feeds (default false) Use server-side notifications provided by YouTube. Requires domain and hmac_key to be set

  • default_home (default "Top") Default home page

  • feed_menu (default ["Popular", "Top", "Trending", "Subscriptions"]) Order of tabs on feed menu

  • top_enabled (default true) Whether top endpoints should be enabled (better privacy for smaller instances)

  • captcha_enabled (default true) Determine if CAPTCHA should be required for login/registration

  • login_enabled (default true) Whether users should be able to login

  • registration_enabled (default true) Whether new users should be able to register

  • statistics_enabled (default false) Whether statistics should be available from /api/v1/stats

  • admins (default []) List of user IDs that have access to administrator preferences

  • external_port (default `nil) Invidious should supply links to a different port (if running behind a proxy, for example). PubSub notifications (if enabled) will also be sent to this port

  • default_user_preferences (default ConfigPreferences) Default preferences to use for new and unregistered users, see #415

  • dmca_content (default []) For compliance with DMCA requests, disables download widget for list of video IDs

  • check_tables (default false) Check table integrity, automatically try to add any missing columns, create columns, etc.

  • cache_annotations (default false) Cache annotations requested from IA, will not cache empty annotations or annotations that only contain cards

  • banner (default nil) Optional banner to be displayed along top of page for announcements, etc.

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