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DeepSuperLearner, Spherical CNNs, Google Semantris, Debater Data, AlterEgo, Text-to-Images GANs, Hate Speech Detection, ...

On People…
A great roundup of the talk delivered by Rachel Thomas discussing the accessibility in AI at Stanford - Link alt txt
Image credit

Important talk on "Natural Language Uderstanding: Foundations and State-of-the-Art" - Link

Lila Ibrahim is DeepMind's new chief operating officer - Link

Emotion Recognition in Context - Link
alt txt

On Education and Research…
An interesting paper on generating images from scene graphs using graph convolution and GANs - Link
alt txt

Another interesting research by AI2 on "Scripts to Compositions to Videos" - Link

NLP research discusses the possibility of predicting Twitter user socioeconomic attributes - Link

Paper discusses a novel method for understanding online hate speech - Link
alt txt

NLP vs NLU: What's the difference? - Link

On Code and Data...
DeepSuperLearner - an implementation of the deep ensemble methods for classification problems - Link

Dataset release - Recorded Debating Dataset with 60 speeches (audio + ASR & human transcripts) - Link

Building convolutional neural nets (CNNs) in PyTorch - Link

On Industry…
Semantris - word association game powered by NLP and machine learning - Link
alt txt

Data scientist gives very useful tips on how to build a profile and prepare for the first data science job - Link

AlterEgo transcribe words users "speak silently"; could have major applications in NLP research - Link

Google paper on "Exploring the limits of Language Modeling" - Link

A non-NLP application of word2vec - Link

Quotes of the Day
I had to feature one of these here ;)
alt txt

Visualizations of the Day
AI Evolution
alt txt

AlpahGo Zero Cheat Sheet - Link
alt txt

Worthy Mentions…
Sperichal CNNs - novel method for building convolutional neural networks - Link
alt txt

Interesting blog post discussing lessons learned in reproducing a deep reinforcement learning paper - Link
alt txt

Cool blog post discussing ways to make the most out of Jupyter notebooks - Link

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