Compare semver version strings to find which is greater, equal or lesser.
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Compare semver version strings to find greater, equal or lesser. Runs in the browser as well as Node.js/React Native etc. Has no dependencies and is tiny (<600 bytes gzipped).

This library supports the full semver specification, including comparing versions with different number of digits like 1.0.0, 1.0, 1, and pre-release versions like 1.0.0-alpha. Additionally supports the following variations:

  • Supports wildcards for minor and patch version like 1.0.x or 1.0.*.
  • Supports Chromium version numbers with 4 parts, e.g. version 25.0.1364.126.
  • Any leading v is ignored, e.g. v1.0 is interpreted as 1.0.
  • Leading zero is ignored, e.g. 1.01.1 is interpreted as 1.1.1.


$ npm install compare-versions



// ES6/TypeScript
import * as compareVersions from 'compare-versions';

// Node
var compareVersions = require('compare-versions');


compareVersions('10.1.8', '10.0.4'); //  1
compareVersions('10.0.1', '10.0.1'); //  0
compareVersions('10.1.1', '10.2.2'); // -1

Can also be used for sorting:

var versions = [
var sorted = versions.sort(compareVersions);


If included directly in the browser, compareVersions() is available on the global window:

<script src="compare-versions/index.js"></script>
  window.compareVersions('10.0.0', '10.1.0');