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Keras implementation of the Squeeze Det Object Detection Deep Learning Framework
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SqueezeDet on Keras

SqueezeDet: Unified, Small, Low Power Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Real-Time Object Detection for Autonomous Driving

By Bichen Wu, Alvin Wan, Forrest Iandola, Peter H. Jin, Kurt Keutzer (UC Berkeley & DeepScale)

This repository contains a Keras implementation of SqueezeDet, a convolutional neural network based object detector described in this paper: The original implementation can be found here. If you find this work useful for your research, please consider citing:

    Author = {Bichen Wu and Forrest Iandola and Peter H. Jin and Kurt Keutzer},
    Title = {SqueezeDet: Unified, Small, Low Power Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Real-Time Object Detection for Autonomous Driving},
    Journal = {arXiv:1612.01051},
    Year = {2016}


Please have a look at our Installation Guide

How do I run it?

I will show an example on the KITTI dataset. If you have any doubts, most scripts run with the -h flag give you the arguments you can pass

  • Download the KITTI training example from here and here

  • Unzip them



    You should get a folder called training.

  • Inside the repository folder create a folder for the experiment. If you don't mind or dont want to type .. all the time you can do it in the scripts folder

    cd path/to/squeezeDet

    mkdir experiments

    mkdir experiments/kitti

    cd experiments/kitti

  • SqueezeDet takes a list of images with full paths to the images and the same for labels. It's the same for training and evaluation. Create a list of full path names of images and labels:

    find /path/to/training/image_2/ -name "*png" | sort > images.txt

    find /path/to/training/label_2/ -name "*txt" | sort > labels.txt

  • Create a training test split

    python ../../main/utils/

    You should get img_train.txt, gt_train.txt, img_val.txt gt_val.txt, img_test.txt, gt_test.txt . Testing set is empty by default.

  • Create a config file

    python ../../main/config/

    Depending on the GPU change the batch size inside squeeze.config and other parameters like learning rate.

  • Run training, this starts with pre-trained weights from imagenet

    python ../../scripts/ --init ../../main/model/imagenet.h5

  • In another shell, to run evaluation

    • If you have no second GPU or none at all:

      python ../../scripts/ --gpu ""

    • Otherwise:

      python ../../scripts/

      This will run evaluation in parallel on the second GPU.

  • To run training on multiple GPUS:

    python ../../scripts/ --gpus 2 --init ../../main/model/imagenet.h5

    To run on the first 2 GPUS. Then you have to run evaluation on the third or CPU, if you have it.

  • scripts/ allows you to run multiple trainings after another. Check out the dummy scripts/schedule.config for an example. Run this with

    python ../../scripts/ --schedule ../../scripts/schedule.config --train ../../scripts/ --eval ../../scripts/

Tensorboard visualization

For tensoboard visualization you can can run:

tensorboard --logdir log

Open in your brower localhost:6006 or the IP where you ran the training. On the first page you can see the losses, sublosses and metrics like mean average precision and f1 scores.

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On the second page, you find visualizations of a couple of validation images with their ground truth bounding boxes and how the predictions change over the course of the training.

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The third page gives you a nice view over the network graph.

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