♻️ higher-order reducer to reset the redux state on certain actions
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higher-order reducer to reset the redux state on certain actions


npm install --save redux-recycle

Resetting state

import recycleState from 'redux-recycle'
recycleState(reducer, actionArray, initialState, config)

redux-recycle is a reducer enhancer (higher-order reducer), it provides the recycleState function, which takes an existing reducer and an array of actions that will reset the state.

Optionally, you can also pass an initial state to reset to.

Optionally, you can also pass a config object.

Currently, there is one config option:

  • recycleActionType (default: @@redux-recycle/INIT) - if recycleActionType is provided, the reducer function will be called with initialState and the provided action name. If set to false, the state will be reset without calling the reducer one more time.


import recycleState from 'redux-recycle'

// recycle the state on the following list of actions
recycleState(reducer, [ARRAY_OF_ACTIONS])

// also provide an initial state to reset to
recycleState(reducer, [ARRAY_OF_ACTIONS], initialState)

// also provide an initial state to reset to, based on the state and action passed
recycleState(reducer, [ARRAY_OF_ACTIONS], (state, action) => initialState)

// also provide the name of the action that will be called on the reducer when recycling it
recycleState(reducer, [ARRAY_OF_ACTIONS], (state, action) => initialState, {
  recycleActionType: 'MY_OWN_ACTION_NAME'

// recycles the state to initialState without calling the reducer with any action
recycleState(reducer, [ARRAY_OF_ACTIONS], initialState, {
  recycleActionType: false


Firstly, import redux-recycle:

// Redux utility functions
import { combineReducers } from 'redux';
// redux-recycle higher-order reducer
import recycleState from 'redux-recycle';

Then, add recycleState to your reducer(s) like this:

  counter: recycleState(counter, [INCREMENT_COUNTER], 0)

Now, once you click the increment button, the state will be reset to 0.

If you need more complex initialization logic, you can provide a reducer function as the last param. It will be called with the state and action to get the initial state.

// here you don't allow resetting counting 10 times
const resetCounter = (state, action) => {
  return state > 10 ? state : 0

  counter: recycleState(counter, [RESET_COUNTERS], resetCounter)

What is this magic? How does it work?

Have a read of the Implementing Undo History recipe in the Redux documents, which explains in detail how higher-order reducers work.


MIT, see LICENSE.md for more information.