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branch: android-4.4

usb: added host mode permission

Change-Id: Ia7d02a484a637d0da602d6a567a28d53028472f9
latest commit 16d084b530
@maxwen maxwen authored
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N1Parts N1Parts: change action bar style to match settings
OmniClick Oppo N1: FR translation
bluetooth n1: bluetooth bringup
camerawrapper n1: update camera wrapper
charger n1: added off-mode charger
configs n1: fix voip audio policy
include n1: We don't have the "new" Qcom GPS.
liblight n1: Update wifi setup
mac-update n1: rework mac-update utility
overlay n1: update camera wrapper
recovery Initial commit, WIP, not working yet
snd_soc_msm n1: fix video record audio Update tree for Omni Update tree for Omni Update tree for Omni n1: adjust QCOM config usb: added host mode permission n1: wifi bringup n1: wifi bringup n1: rework mac-update utility
media_codecs.xml device: Add media_codecs and liblight and fw overlays
media_profiles.xml device: Add media_profiles
omni.dependencies n1: switch to new kernel n1: switch to new kernel
system.prop n1: Update wifi setup Update tree for Omni
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