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OmniSciDB (formerly MapD Core)
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.github/workflows Sphinx docs - add analytics (#414) Oct 31, 2019
Analyzer Remove dead code May 11, 2020
Archive Misc mapd removal Apr 6, 2020
Benchmarks Benchmarks - parameterize Jenkins output field May 6, 2020
Calcite Remove unused compile time flags May 11, 2020
Catalog Implement C++ ALTER SERVER DDL Command May 27, 2020
CudaMgr Use fatbin with PTX instead of a library for Cuda runtime May 18, 2020
DataMgr Chunk class cleanup May 23, 2020
Distributed large distributed CTAS May 8, 2020
Embedded Initial changes to build shared library which will be used as embedde… May 19, 2020
Fragmenter Chunk class cleanup May 23, 2020
Import Chunk class cleanup May 23, 2020
LockMgr Fixup: messages and naming May 5, 2020
MigrationMgr Introduce MigrationMgr, an explicit owner of data migrations Mar 18, 2020
Parser Implement C++ ALTER SERVER DDL Command May 27, 2020
QueryEngine fix for geo physical column crash May 27, 2020
QueryRunner Remove unused compile time flags May 11, 2020
SQLFrontend Remove unused compile time flags May 11, 2020
SampleCode thrift: java change namespace to com.omnisci.thrift, part 2 calcitese… Apr 7, 2020
SampleData Dictionary encoded strings support 1/? Feb 18, 2015
Shared Chunk class cleanup May 23, 2020
SqliteConnector Introduce MigrationMgr, an explicit owner of data migrations Mar 18, 2020
StringDictionary Increment bucket count if hash does not match when materializing hashes Apr 13, 2020
TableArchiver Revert "launch Calcite from boost::process" Apr 21, 2020
Tests Implement C++ ALTER SERVER DDL Command May 27, 2020
ThirdParty deps: add libgeos shared libs Apr 27, 2020
ThriftHandler Purges all poly-cache related code. May 15, 2020
Utils Chunk class cleanup May 23, 2020
cmake/Modules Support thread pooling via Intel TBB library Apr 1, 2020
config Add additional TSAN suppressions for the thrift server Mar 4, 2020
docker docker: simplify containers, add cpu-specific dockerfile May 8, 2020
docs Remove old cmake options from docs May 27, 2020
java Implement C++ ALTER SERVER DDL Command May 27, 2020
scripts Backport fix for invalid rowgroup from parquet May 23, 2020
systemd Change default ports to not conflict with Kafka Jan 23, 2019
.clang-format Enforce IncludeBlocks: Preserve for newer clang-format Oct 23, 2019
.clang-tidy clang-tidy: add modernize-use-override Feb 5, 2019
.gitattributes git: remove odbc/*.xml from gitattributes Jun 27, 2018
.gitignore Arrow CSV Reader as Foreign Storage initial framework Feb 5, 2020
CLA.txt eula: rename MapD to OmniSci Sep 27, 2018
CMakeLists.txt Chunk class cleanup May 23, 2020
CMakePackaging.txt change from /opt/mapd to /opt/omnisci Apr 8, 2019 Add doxygen build integration to sphinx developer documentation (#419) Oct 24, 2019 Expose Calcite's SqlAdvisor as a Thrift endpoint Nov 25, 2017
MapDServer.cpp Fix implicit_value for bigint-count, make true May 27, 2020
MapDServer.h Implement CREATE/DROP SERVER DDL commands Mar 6, 2020 readme:update broken community links (#519) Feb 24, 2020 readme: begin renaming from Core to OmniSciDB May 14, 2019
common.thrift improve heatmap render query performance May 6, 2020
completion_hints.thrift thrift: java change namespace to com.omnisci.thrift, part 2 calcitese… Apr 7, 2020
initdb.cpp Remove mapd from SystemParameters, Calcite handler, and initdb Apr 6, 2020
insert_sample_data Change naming for default database and default super user May 21, 2019
omnisci.conf.sample Change default ports to not conflict with Kafka Jan 23, 2019
omnisci.thrift added query_type field to TQueryResult May 8, 2020
startomnisci work around startomnisci tty problems on old versions of Docker Aug 12, 2019

OmniSciDB (formerly MapD Core)

OmniSciDB is an open source SQL-based, relational, columnar database engine that leverages the full performance and parallelism of modern hardware (both CPUs and GPUs) to enable querying of multi-billion row datasets in milliseconds, without the need for indexing, pre-aggregation, or downsampling. OmniSciDB can be run on hybrid CPU/GPU systems (Nvidia GPUs are currently supported), as well as on CPU-only systems featuring X86, Power, and ARM (experimental support) architectures. To achieve maximum performance, OmniSciDB features multi-tiered caching of data between storage, CPU memory, and GPU memory, and an innovative Just-In-Time (JIT) query compilation framework.

To find out more, please check out the OmniSci Website and the OmniSciDB wiki.

For more details, see the OmniSciDB Developer Documentation


For complete download and installation instructions, please visit the Documentation page.

Diving In

Learn more

OmniSciDB Documentation Setup Community & Resources
Overview of OmniSciDB Developer Friendly Technical Documentation Step-by-step getting started documentation Important links, community resources and updates

Downloads and Installation Instructions

Pre-built binaries for Linux for stable releases of the project:

Distro Package type CPU/GPU Download Link Installation Guide
Ubuntu DEB CPU deb stable cpu
Ubuntu DEB GPU deb stable cuda
* tarball CPU
* tarball GPU

Partner Marketplaces

Developers can also access OmniSciDB through the partner marketplaces. Easily find installation guides, videos, quickstarts and more important resources on how to set up OmniSciDB on public cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Docker and more on the Partner page.

Get more detailed download instructions, videos, resources and tutorials by visiting our Downloads page and Documentation.


Developers are encouraged to contribute to this Open Source project to expand and enhance OmniSciDB capabilities. Check out our Contributing page on the wiki! If you have questions and would like to connect with the maintainers of this open source project, please visit the official online forum and community.

Making your first contribution?

Check out contribution wishlist with highlighted issues that would make great first contributions to this project. We also recommend visiting the Roadmap to learn more about upcoming features or checking out the Issues to see the latest updates or proposed content.

Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

In order to clarify the intellectual property license granted with Contributions from any person or entity, OmniSci must have a Contributor License Agreement ("CLA") on file that has been signed by each Contributor, indicating agreement to the Contributor License Agreement. After making a pull request, a bot will notify you if a signed CLA is required and provide instructions for how to sign it. Please read the agreement carefully before signing and retain a copy for your records.

Need Help?

Have questions? Post questions and get answers on the official online forum and community or create an issue in the repo.

Copyright & License

This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

The repository includes a number of third party packages provided under separate licenses. Details about these packages and their respective licenses is at ThirdParty/licenses/

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