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valscion commented May 23, 2018

We would like to avoid confusion like we have in webpack-contrib/webpack-bundle-analyzer#185

We could document statsFilename and reportFilename options allowing the use of an absolute file path like /path/to/folder so that people would know it's supported.

Let us know in this issue if you would like to contribute to this!

agavra commented Apr 15, 2021

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

A user requested the ability to map an array into fields where the arrays have some predefined set of values:

Sample Data: 
 - FOO: [{"key":"a", "val":2}, {"key":"b", "val":4}]
 - FOO: [{"key":"b", "val":3}]
Sample Output:

| a | b |
| 2 | 4 |
|nul| 3 |

Describe the solution you'd like

U8NWXD commented Dec 25, 2020

To improve the quality of our end-to-end testing code, we want to create lint checks for common bad practices. If you would like to help with this issue, please leave a comment on this issue with the task you want to work on.

How to Write E2E Lint Checks

  1. First think about how you can identify the bad practice based solely on the text of the code. Imagine you get a code file as a string
xmnlab commented Mar 19, 2019

Hey everyone!

mapd-core-cpu is already available on conda-forge (

now we should add some instructions on the documentation.

at this moment it is available for linux and osx.

some additional information about the configuration:

  1. for now, always install omniscidb-cpu inside a conda environment (also it is a good practice), eg:
manevpe commented Apr 14, 2021

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I'd like to have scrollbars that I can use. It would help me with visual orientation on the workspace.
I'd like to be able to scroll with the mouse wheel, instead of zooming in / out.

Describe the solution you'd like
A configuration option to enable scrollbars.
A configuration option to set the behaviour of the mouse whe

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