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Aggregates file groups (aka aggregations): Minifies files with include/exclude wildcards, creates an index and debug index of the minified files, and runs lint and copy tasks. GruntAggregator also include a modify task, which allows manipulation of file name and content


aggregate task

Aggregate is a multitask, which creates multiple minified files, copies the original files (for debugging) and creates an {index}.json file with aggregation mapping. In addition, a {index}.debug.json if created, mapping the full, unminified version of the content. This is useful if you're running your application in debug mode.


// Project configuration.
                    src:         'deployment/main.json',
                    manifest:    'target/main/index.json',
                    manifestCopy:'src/main/index.json', // Optional
                    min: true, // Optional, default is true
                    lint: true, // Optional, default is true
                    copy: true // Optional, default is true


// Project configuration.
        "id":                 "bootstrap", // Minified file name will be {id}.min.js
        "sourceDir":          "src/javascript", // Root source folder
        "package":            "bootstrap", // A subfolder within the source. will be copied to same relative path within the target
        "targetDir":          "javascript", // Target root
        "excludeFromManifest":false, // Optional used to create a minified file and exclude it from manifest index
        "tags": [   // Will be copied to index.json file
            'some tag'
        "atPhase": "MyPhase", // Optional, will be copied to index.json file
        "include":            [
            "**/*.js" // will aggregate all the js files from src/javascript/bootstrap to target/main/bootstrap
        "exclude":            ["**/~*"]



To run test suite:

  1. Install grunt globally npm install -g grunt
  2. Simply run grunt grunt to see all tests passing