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Create and restore symlinks based on /opt/.filetool.lst is designed to improve the Persistence in TinyCore Linux problem by copying the files to a persistent disk, and then creating symlinks to those files in place of the originals. It can also store the files in a Git repository to easily track/revert changes.


ls -lah /etc/shadow
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 37 Nov 11 08:30 /etc/shadow -> /mnt/sda1/mydata/etc/shadow

The advantage is you can now edit persistent files without needing to back them up! All changes will automatically be saved to persistent storage.


  • TinyCore Linux
  • Permanent disk storage (ex: /dev/sda1)
  • Ability to remaster TinyCore Linux

Getting Started

  1. Run ./ --create sda1 to backup your files to /mnt/sda1
  2. Edit the /etc/init.d/ to replace /usr/bin/ with /usr/bin/
  3. Add to /usr/bin

Of course, you'll need a remastered core.gz or corepure64.gz which contains the edited and


Usage: [option] <device>

Example: --create sda1

  (Note: options can not be combined)

  -c, --create   create a backup and store the files in <device>
  -r, --restore  restore symlinks pointing to backup files in <device>
  -u, --undo     undo changes and restore the backup files from <device>
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -v, --version  show the application version and exit

How it works

  • Works similarly to, by reading include and exclude files from /opt/.filetool.lst and /opt/.xfiletool.lst, respectively
  • Reads the /etc/sysconfig/mydata file which is based on the boot code mydata
  • Reads the $DEVICE value obtained from
  • Generates a /mnt/$DEVICE/mydata.lst file which contains the list of files which were backed up
  • Doesn't create symlinks to directories, only files
  • On boot, it replaces the original files and creates symlinks to the backed up files in /mnt/sda1
  • After changing a file, --create can be used to track, version and even revert the changes


Apply the patch found in using patch -p1 <

This will add a new bootcode symlinksrestore and call instead of, if set in the boot command line.


This is currently in alpha status, so there may be some bugs (sorry!)


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Alexander Williams, Unscramble


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