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ON7LDS NextionDriver Installer and Checker

This is installer version 1.06 ( 31 dec 2020 )

12/2020 : warning that the display should already work + option to stop if not

08/2020 : extra choices added

03/2019 : changed NextionDriver config options / minor corrections

04/2019 : changed startup scripts. NextionDriver will start later in the process, but wil less likely give problems when using modem connected displays

This repository brings you 3 helper programs for the installation of NextionDriver when you do not want to do it by hand:

  • a program to install NextionDriver
  • a program to convert an existing MMDVMHost configuration file for using NextionDriver (this is called by the installer program)
  • a program to check the installation

Pi-Star users : Please use this installer to update your system if your installation is older than 09 feb 2019. Even if the NextionDriver was recently updated

This is the installer program for NextionDriver.

I (and others) have tested it on some hotspots, but there are always much more situations and combinations than the ones we tested :-) (special thanks to Rob PD0DIB and Jason KE7FNS their feedback)

The installer runs the configuration convertor program for automatically converting the MMDVM.ini file to incorporate NextionDriver.


You could just run it (NextionDriver_ConvertConfig) if you installed NextionDriver by hand, but it also will be called when you run the installer !

When you have installed the NextionDriver, this programs tries to check the MMDVMHost and NextionDriver configuration.
The program then gives a lot of information about the installation of the NextionDriver and if it seems to be OK or not.

Installing NextionDriver (on Pi-Star)

log in to your Pi-Star with SSH

go to the /tmp directory

cd /tmp

get the software

git clone

go !

sudo NextionDriverInstaller/

Checking the installing (on Pi-Star)

log in to your Pi-Star with SSH

go to the /tmp directory

cd /tmp

get the software

git clone

NOTE: if you get an error that the destionation path exists, you already downloaded the software. The just go to the next step.

go !

sudo NextionDriverInstaller/


Installer program for NextionDriver






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