Personal setup for a clean Mac installation.
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Mac Setup

My personal Mac backup/installation/restore/update process for a clean Mac installation.

Install the Magic

# configure google drive as backup directory
echo export BACKUP=~/Google\ Drive/Privat/Software/Backup >> ~/.bash_profile
# configure path to bash stuff
echo export BASH_STUFF=~/.bash_stuff >> ~/.bash_profile
# read .bash_profile changes
source ~/.bash_profile
# create the bash stuff folder
mkdir "$BASH_STUFF" && cd "$BASH_STUFF"
# clone this repo into bash stuff folder
git clone

Backup Current Data

Run following script to create inside the backup folder:

source "$BASH_STUFF/mac-setup/backup/"


  • SQL dump
  • SSH keys
  • config data from important apps
  • list with installed apps
  • list with installed vs code exensions

Setup Clean Mac

Auto Installation

# run os configuration (requires sudo)
source "$BASH_STUFF/mac-setup/install/"

# install dev tools
source "$BASH_STUFF/mac-setup/install/"

# install bash tools
source "$BASH_STUFF/mac-setup/install/"

# install apps
source "$BASH_STUFF/mac-setup/install/"

# restore backup
source "$BASH_STUFF/mac-setup/backup/"

Manual Steps

  1. Install following Apps:

    • Airmail
    • Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign
    • Microsoft Office
    • Open Office (cask seems to be broken)
    • Fenêtre
    • uTorrent
  2. Install Terminal profile

    • open $BASH_STUFF/mac-setup/install/Pro.terminal
    • Choose as default: "Shell" -> "Als Standard verwenden"
  3. Open programms, add licences and change configuration where needed (see also tweakings folder)

  4. Change wallpaper to wallpaper.jpg

  5. Install MacOS updates (if any available)

  6. Restart Mac

    • sudo shutdown -r now "Let the work begin..."
  7. Start first Time Machine Backup

    • tmutil startbackup


There is an update script to keep the Mac fresh. Just run:

source "$BASH_STUFF/mac-setup/"