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Author: Ondřej Tůma <>

Formiko is reStructuredText and MarkDown editor and live previewer. It is written in Python with Gtk3, GtkSourceView and Webkit2. Use Docutils and recommonmark Common Mark parser. If you want to donate development, you can do by paypal link.


  • GtkSourceView based editor with syntax highlighting
  • possible use Vim editor
  • vertical or horizontal window splitting
  • preview mode with auto scroll
  • periodic save file
  • json and html preview
  • spell check
  • linked file opening

It support these parsers and writers:

Vim support

Formiko have Vim editor support aka formiko-vim command. This run Vim editor in GtkSocket. At this moment, this socket work only on X11 backend, so this is not work on Wayland yet.

There is bug for GTK+:
Bug 721224 - please add support for GtkSocket/GtkPlug in Wayland backend


  • python 2.7 or 3
  • GTK+3
  • gobject-introspection
  • PyGObject
  • Webkit2 4.x
  • GtkSourceView 3.x
  • gir files for all Gtk libraries
  • GtkSpell3
  • docutils - reStrucured support
  • m2r - converting MarkDown to reStructuredText
  • recommonmark - for Common Mark support (MarkDown)
  • Pygments - syntax color in html output code blocks



  • docutils-tinyhtmlwriter
  • docutils-html5-writer


  • vim-gtk or vim-gnome for formiko-vim



Formiko exist in Flathub repository as cz.zeropage.Formiko. If you are new with Flatpak, see setup guide.

# add Flathub repository as root
flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

# install Formiko as user
flatpak install flathub cz.zeropage.Formiko

# run Formiko
flatpak run cz.zeropage.Formiko

Debian based

Debian based distributions use sometimes versions in package names. Here are example for Debian Stretch version. If you use different version, your gtksource or webkit2 could have another version name.

# python3.5, gtk3, librsvg etc are in dependencies
apt install python3-pip python3-gi python3-docutils gir1.2-gtksource-3.0 \
            gir1.2-webkit2-4.0 gir1.2-gtkspell3-3.0
pip3 install formiko

# optionaly
apt install vim-gtk3
pip3 install docutils-tinyhtmlwriter recommonmark docutils-html5-writer

Formiko is in Debian and Ubuntu repository. So you can install it standard way.


There is not GtkSpell3 on NetBSD, which is need for next 1.3.x version. So you must use 1.2.x bug fix release.

Installation process can be different for each BSD releases. It's about which Python release is default. By this, you can change pyXX to your right version.

NetBSD use pkgsrc, so some binaries are stored in /usr/pkg/bin directory. Formiko call vim and gvim directly. If you want to use vim version with pkgsrc, you must fix VIM_PATH variable in formiko/ file.

# python3.6 is in dependecies as like gtk3
pkgin install py36-pip py36-gobject3 py36-docutils gtksourceview3 \
              librsvg webkit-gtk py36-pygments
pip3.6 install formiko

# optionaly
pkgin install vim-gtk3
pip3.6 install docutils-tinyhtmlwriter recommonmark docutils-html5-writer


Installation process can be different for each BSD releases. It's about which Python release is default. By this, you can change pyXX to your right version.

On FreeBSD you must install all these packages:

pkg install py37-gobject3 py37-docutils py37-pygments py37-pip \
    gtksourceview3 webkit2-gtk3 gtkspell3 gobject-introspection \
    librsvg2 adwaita-icon-theme


pkg install en-hunspell  # or other language you want
pip-3.7 install docutils-tinyhtmlwriter docutils-html5-writer m2r