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xmpp library smack 3.1.0 build env for android (see for binaries)
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This repo is a Github fork of the aSmack library maintained by 
Rene Treffer ( 

It contains the additional patches required by the Onesocialweb Android client.
All the work in the /patch/onesocialweb folder is Copyright Vodafone Group Services Ltd. 2010, 
and is released under the Apache 2 license.

Questions ? Get in touch with us:
Email: contact at

Below is the original README of the aSmack project.	

aSmack - buildsystem for Smack on Android

*This repository doesn't contain much code, it's a build environment!*

Tracking trunk can be hard. Doing massive changes on top of trunk can be
near impossible. We are mixing 6 open source projects to provide a working
xmpp library for Android. All trunk-based.

This repository contains a source fetching, patching and building script.
As well as all the minor changes to make an Android version fly.
See the patches/ folder for a detailed list of changes and scripts.


The easiest way to contribute is fork & pull request. You may also ask about
direct project access. Mind that minor changes can be applied to the smack
repository. You'll most likly want to help out on smack, not on aSmack.


We do not keep a seperate CONTRIBUTORS file, and we discourage @author tags.
However you're free to add your full name to every git commit, and we will
preserver this. Let us know if you've helped on non-technical stuff and we'll
find a way to give you the deserved credit.

Reporting Problems / Debugging

We always provide source zips. Attach them to the jar in your favorite IDE.
Enable debugging mode (BOSH/XMPPConnection.DEBUG and config.setDebug)
Record a logcat
Remove your credentials (usually a base64 block inside <auth></auth>)

Your issue should contain
1. a logcat
2. a server to reproduce
3. the code you are using (for fl/oss project we'll accept reposituroy URLs)

There is no guarantee that we will reply immediatly. But we will try to
investigate the problem.

Problems that would disclose projects can be to treffer(?)
Please add asmack and confidential in the subject, and only use this if the
tracker isn't an option for you.


Releases are usually build every 1-2 weeks, depending on changes and
volunteers time.

Licences / Used libraries

We only accept Apache and BSD-like licences.
We are currently using code from

 * Apache Harmony (sasl/xml) (Apache Licence)
 * smack (xmpp) (Apache Licence)
 * novell-openldap-jldap (sasl) ( [OpenLDAP Licence] [1] )
 * Apache qpid (sasl) (Apache Licence)
 * jbosh (BOSH) (Apache Licence)
 * dnsjava (dns srv lookups) (BSD)
 * custom code (various glue stuff) (WTFPL | BSD | Apache)

This should work for just about every project. Contact us if you have problems
with the licence.

  [1]:  "OpenLDAP Licence"

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