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Onfleet open source repository for developers
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Onfleet Developer open source repository


This repository is a collection of resources and tools that may be freely used to augment and accelerate custom integration with the Onfleet API.

Note All python scripts require Python 3.


  • Onfleet webhooks backend - python
    • Create dedicated endpoints to validate and receive payloads from various Onfleet webhook triggers.
  • CSV task export - python
    • Export tasks from the Onfleet list tasks API endpoint either in CSV format, or in plain JSON. Specify time range, task state, and other query parameters.
  • Driver import - python
    • Interactive CLI to bulk-import drivers from CSV-formatted spreadsheets via the Onfleet API.

Related resources

Onfleet API documentation

Onfleet API Wrapper client libraries


1 Clone the developer repository to your local development directory or download the zip file from github, and change to that directory.

git clone ./onfleet-developer
cd ./onfleet-developer

2 Change directory to one of the onfleet/developer tools. Ex:

cd ./api-tools/webhooks

2a (optional) create a new virtual environment that uses Python 3

python3 -m venv ./venv

2b (optional) activate the virtual environment (note: venv must be activated in the terminal session before running any onfleet-developer python script)

source venv/bin/activate

3 Install all required python modules (note: use pip3 if python 3 isn't your default python version)

pip install -r requirements.txt
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