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Latest commit 9d9fb73 Sep 14, 2018 Open Client (ReactJS) Open Client is a front-end client for API. The API is available to the public and its comprehensive documentation can be found here.


  1. Make sure you have NPM and Node installed on your system.
  2. If you have Git on your terminal, type git clone
  3. Then go to repository by typing cd nexchange-open-client-react.
  4. Install NPM dependencies npm install.
  5. Start the project npm start.

Install front-end on a server


Anybody is welcome to make contributions to our repository, especially if you discover critical that expose security vulnerabilities or lessen user experience. You can contribute by creating a fork of our project and making a pull request afterwards.

License Open Client (ReactJS) is Apache 2.0 licensed. Please give us credit in a clearly visible manner in at least 3 locations - FAQ, Footer and 'About Us' section. It should say Powered by and include a link to our exchange. Also, make sure to include your referral code in every one of your links. This will ensure that you get your commission wherever the trade is made, be it your own implementation of our front-end client or our own.